Tuesday, March 06, 2007


"I HAVE A TWO YEAR OLD".......that's all you have to say
to achieve full sympathy from anyone.
Even if you don't have kids. You know.
I have to say that I firmly believe that our little babies come to us as gifts.
Gifts from our Heavenly Father.
I also firmly believe that at exactly midnight on the day that
these little darlings turn two, THE DEVIL takes over.

I believe that he (of course the devil IS a man) whispers into their ear
saying things along the line of
"See that printer over there, push the green button a bunch of times.
the big machine will give you lots of fun papers your mommy will love."

This is my daughter C. She has a garbage fetish.
She has thrown away bottles, cups, sippy cups,
My Cell Phone, shoes, toys, camera's, candy,
scissors, keys and just about anything
that she can get her mitts on.

Is there anything more lovely or of virtuous report than a TWO YEAR OLD?


Lorien said...

E. E is for egg. E is also for Ernie. Ernie is the genie who lives in your ceiling. Ernie loves eggs. Ernie is hungry. Go get some eggs and throw them up and Ernie will reach out of your ceiling and catch them and your mommy will be so happy you fed Ernie for her!

Elizabeth said...

Oooooh. I can't wait, seeing as how I'm in for it with TWO at the same time.

Lorien said...

lorien's obscure reference? See Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book (Shel Silverstein). Full of fabulous advice for young, impressionable minds.


pflower10 said...

I didn't know that Shel Silverstein knew my daughter so well

pflower10 said...

TWOOOOOO, when are you due??

compulsive writer said...

If only they weren't so dang cute in the middle of all that mischief!

We have an Ernie too. He also loves to eat spaghetti noodles!

metamorphose said...

She is too cute.

So nice to meet you in person the yesterday!

AzĂșcar said...

It's been the greatest strategic thinking 1.5 years of our lives to live with our 2-3 year old. The amount of concentration it takes to isolate threats and potential threats is just astounding. I may never get Alzheimers from all those mental gymnastics.