Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It left. I don't have it anymore.
I don't know when or if it will come back.
It left sometime last week.
Life is not the same
without it.
Why did this have to happen?
Why did my sense of taste and smell go away?

I am just getting over a pretty harsh sinus thingy and I STILL
can't taste a darn thing.
I can't smell. I can't taste.

If anyone finds them can you send them home to me,

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thanks Matt, Bless your heart

My hubby owns his own business. He is self employed. He is DA MAN!!
His business has taken him from northern Utah to southern Utah to Jackson Hole to other parts of WY , even to Hawaii.
And because of this fact he has employee's. He has had up to 50+ employee's at one time. Well, this is where my story begins......(yes, I've said that before)........

My hubby had an employee named Matt. Matt was quite a character. He was marginally good looking and had nice teeth. Matt could even be really fun to talk to. Matt and my hubby became friendly. They shared storied, they shared advice, they shared jokes, they shared alot. Matt had an interesting view on life. He dated alot but never seemed to find a girl to settle down with. When I asked my hubby about this he said that...
"Matt says dating is like fishing. You got to catch and release, catch and release. He said he's just trying to find a keeper".
Apparently he had told my hubby that he (meaning my hubby ) was lucky to have found me because, after all, I was a keeper. Did I mention he was a bit of a brown noser too? I tell you this just to let you get a feel about who this Matt is.

Matt has a theory. He says that it doesn't matter what you say about another person as long as you end it with "Bless his/her heart". You can say the meanest, rudest, most condesending thing and it is all ok as long as you cap it off with those three little words. For example:

Chick #1 "OH MY GOSH, Like Do you totally see that girl, like over there by the vending machine?"

Chick #2 "Like,you mean the one with the like, super cute srunchy in her hair?"

Chick #1 "OH...MY...GOSH... That is totally her. She has got like, the worst body odor ever. Like, it doesn't even look like she has like, brushed her teeth or like, taken a shower all week. Like, Bless her heart"


Dude #1 "Dude, did you catch Mike's talk in church today?"

Dude #2 "No man, how'd it go?"

Dude #1 "OHHH DUUUDE, it sucked! He kept saying UM and stuff. His joke wasn't even cool, dude. I heard some Betty say that he was sportin' a bat in his cave.Dude, Bless his heart"

You can see the hours of fun my hubby and I have had with this concept. The possibilities are endless. This seems like such a gift of goodness that can't be passed up. I have to say that is has come in handy from time to time.

The really sad thing about Matt is that he ended up in a not so good place in his life. He's one of those people that you just have to sit back and say "Geeze, he had so much potential. He's really lost his way. He's not even marginally cute anymore. Bless his heart"

Monday, February 26, 2007


My sweet daughter B has the best hair.
It is long (down to her waist), blond
And very curly.
But when we are sick and in bed for the
It shows!

My sweet (and I use that term loosely) daughter C is not far behind.
It is getting long (down to her bra line), blond
And very curly.
But when we sleep on it overnight,
It shows too!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


You know when you are about to go through a medical experience that you've heard horror stories about and you're kind of nervous so you just do what the doctor or technician asks of you, and you do it without question. After all they were the professional, full of knowlege and understanding. They had been trained not only in their "CRAFT" but they had to be trained in having a stellar bedside manner. These men and women actually get trained in medical school or even technical vocation school about this very important part of the medical experience. Well this is where my story begins........

One mild autum day last November I was waiting patiently in the holding area for my turn at the "BIG SQUEEZE". My midwife had suggested that I get one because of some pains that I had been having and thought that it would be a good idea to have a look-see and at the same time obtain my baseline mammogram for future reference. I had heard stories about the flatness of the breast that is attained in such a procedure and I looked at my girls and shuddered at the thought of it. I felt like I did when I was in the hospital after giving birth to my firstborn. We were in my room having some quiet time and the nurse walked in to my room and said "The doctor is here to perform the circumcision. We'll take the baby and bring him right back" I looked at my sleeping baby as they were wheeling him out of the room. He looked so comfortable, so happy without a care in the world. I started to cry knowing that he was going to have some pain in just a little bit and I wasn't going to be there to comfort him. As I sat there and looked down on my chest I felt that same sense of loss of control for what they were going to go through. They just sat there looking so comfortable, so happy without a care in the world...except for maybe the bra that was itchy.

I was called to to "THE ROOM" and asked to take off all of my clothes from the waist up and to put on the gown. When the technician came in I promised myself that I would not be a sissy and I would do what they asked and not complain. After my personal "TAFFY PULL" and some small talk I was given a BREAST CANCER AWARENESS candle and some other tidbits then sent on my way. I thought that I was pretty lucky to have such a nice technician that took such care with my precious cargo. A few months later i was doing something mundane when POP I had the image of some of the "technical adjusting" that went on during my MAM....What I want to know is ..... at what point does "technical adjusting" stop and "second base" begin?????

I was out shopping with a friend when she said that she was going in for this wonderful procedure herself in a few days and I had to ask her to tell me how much cupping went on...did she feel like she should have been taken out to dinner first?
When she reported back to me the amount of "cupping and adjusting " that went on during her time on the slab I had to wonder if I had a touchy feely technician. Did my technician skip out on Bedside Manner 101??

I still don't have the answer to my question but would like to know if anyone else had a similar experience.........

I am still trying out my new toy!! It's like Christmas all over again. I have a question or all of you Mac users........


Just wanting to know about fonts, italics, colors, anything else I can't think of .

Compulsive has given me some great idea's and knowlege.

We Safari users don't get to use a TOOLBAR like the rest of you.

We get to use codes. CODES.

I am NO maven of technology let me tell you.

So any help with help,

Thank you.

ps. My spell check doesn't even work

Friday, February 23, 2007