Thursday, July 05, 2007

I've been tagged 4 fun

A very, VERY long time ago I noticed that I was tagged by Wonderful Melody whom I adore. I have been so busy that I've had to delay certain parts of my life and this blog just happened to be one of them. So, now I will play......

4 Jobs I have held:

1. Phone girl at Domino's (first real job).

2. Receptionist

3. Mother's Helper (Lived in Lexington, MA., worked in Concord, MA.)

4. Instructor of On-site Training "IOT" (great traveling job!).

4 Movies I can watch over and over and over and over and over.......:

1. Pirates of Penzance (and I do)

2. Phantom of the Opera (and I do)

3. Sleeping with the Enemy (creeeeeepy)

4. Spinal Tap (These go to ELEVEN)

4 Places I have lived:

1. Vancouver, WA.

2. Lexington, MA. (See question 1, answer 3)

3. Orem/Provo, UT.

4. Salt Lake City, UT.

4 Categories of TV programming I enjoy:

1. Reality - FOOD NETWORK

2. Comedy - 30 Rock

3. Drama - Law & Order SVU

4. Wild Card - Anywhere from Court TV to Discovery Channel

5. Guilty Pleasure - "Sensuality and the Suburbs" (wink, wink)

4 Places I have been on holiday:

1. Jackson Hole, WY

2. Hawaii.....MAUI, Hawaii......HANA, MAUI, Hawaii

3. Oregon Coast


5. California (Northern, Southern and Central)

4 of my favorite dishes:

1. Tomato/ Basil Soup from Ottavio's

2. Salmon...Grilled....Seasoned....YUM (the best I've had was at the OLD STONE CHURCH RESTAURANT in Castle Rock, CO)

3. Chicken Bryan from Carrabba's Italian Grill

4. Yet another wild Card (subject to change at a later date)

4 websites I visit daily:

1. Bank Account

2. E-mail


4. Foodie Websites

4 places I would rather be right now

1. Martha's Vineyard

2. Jackson Hole

3. New York City

4. Oregon Coast

5. Summer of 1996

Boy, I could have gone on and on and on with some of those lists. How do you choose just 4 places you would rather be....ANYHOO, I don't know who has and who hasn't been tagged but I think I would like to tag........This is hard, so if anyone is out there consider yourself tagged.