Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I was turned on to this little golden nugget of liquid love by Cjane's sister NieNie. We were all standing in line waiting to pay for our plate's of masterful cuisine when NieNie spotted this winking at her from the beverage cooler. She had suggested that I take one home to try. "It tastes like bubble gum" she claimed. How could I pass up on that kind of endorsement. I am very aware of our destiny in life and I just couldn't leave this golden treasure behind. It needed to fulfill it's destiny and I needed to be the one to help it.
Cjane expressed her concern with me "You know that it's just sugar and caffeine, don't you?" Oh how I was excited to learn that not only will this carbonated beverage taste of bubble gum but it had caffeine to boot.
I have to say that I am trying really hard to become a healthier human but there comes a day in everyone's life where, if they're honest with themselves, they need something along the line of a caffeine boost to complete their day. A pick-me-up, if you will (and I know you have, don't lie to me).
After all it had water in it and we all need water to live, so I was giving myself what my body needs to survive. It WAS healthy, I just knew it had to be. I have tried many a caffeinated product and have grown to love them, but I do have a roving eye and am always on the lookout for a new love to add. I knew that when I did infact try this "KOLA" that it had to be a very special day. Well my friends, today is THAT special day.

I have a lot to do today and I don't have the sufficient amount of energy to do it with. After all it was JUST the spring forward day and although my clock has sprung forward, my body has not. Don't get me wrong, J'ADORE spring forward day. I love that when I get up the sun is already there to greet me like a loyal friend with a special little treat of sunshine just for me. I love that my body clock adjusts and I can rely on it's alarm to wake me from my night's slumber. I love that the flowers take the winter's storm to make a nourishing cocktail to charge forward out of the packed soil and give us new life again and again.
What I don't love about spring forward day is that it takes a few PFLOWER days to catch up to the level of energy it takes to adjust to my new schedule. I do think that part of that is the fact that when I do wakey it still feels like winter. When I am cold I am s-l-o-w. And as a mother of 3 darling offspring I can't afford to be s-l-o-w.

I picked up the glistening, golden can from my refrigerator, felt it's heaviness and knew I was in for a grand, caffeinated treat. I popped open the lid and heard that tall-tale sizzle that happens when new oxygen is breathed into it's fine carbonated fizz. I took my first sip, and then my second and sure enough Nie Nie was right. It did taste like bubble gum. It also tasted like cream soda. This can of golden goodness was the love child of these two enjoyable flavors. Somewhere out there is the creator of this INCA KOLA and you know what he/she is doing at this very moment? I would bet that they are lying on a white, sandy beach somewhere very tropical, sipping a wholesome pina coloada ( sorry , I don't know how to make an accent mark over the n) reminiscing on how he/she brought these two crazy kids together to make this fantastic beverage for the world to enjoy.

I have to report that I am still waiting for the caffeine kick to surface but I will patiently wait while I reflect back on my exquisite experience with this GOLDEN KOLA. If I had to write a review I'd say
"Beautifully crafted and impeccably blended to create this bouquet of flavors that dance a nice rumba on the tongue and titillate the senses"

Thanks for the heads up on this yumminess, Nie Nie!


ronde said...

I take it you can taste and smell again. By the way, I'm thinking you got your boost somewhere between the "golden nugget" and it's predetermined destination. I'm so proud.

c jane said...

I just had that whole experience with you PF10 (that is what Nie calls you). Well-written and well-noted.

(When Chup and I eat at La Carreta we splurge and get the 2!)

nie nie said...

glad you liked the golden juice. we missed you on the Y and i had a dream about you last night that is sooooooo worthy of a blog...later

love you pf10

pflower10 said...

Everybody I'd like to introduce you to my sister Ronde. Welcome to the playground!!

c jane - saying that it was was well written by YOU means a whole heck of a lot thank you!! Glad you checked in!

nie nie- Thanks for turning me onto the golden juice! It was divine!! I was so bummed that I didn't get to hike with you guys. I can't wait to hear about the dream. Was I flat chested? I'm always flat chested in my dreams.

lovey you too nie nie

compulsive writer said...

Hi ronde!

pflower: titillation is always a good thing!

compulsive writer said...

p.s. you got comments from two of the fabulous clark girls in one post. You are a golden child!

Julie said...

A golden child for a golden drink.

In your flat-chested dreams, does Lorien bring you powdered doughnuts?

AzĂșcar said...

Guarana, trust me on that one.

pflower10 said...

I cheated and e-mailed them to look at my blog because they were stars in that day's story. But thank you anyway.

Jules- I haven't had Lorien bring me powdered doughnuts yet. They are far too abundant for the type of flatness that I am in my dreams.

Azucar- I'm on it!

The Editor said...

I'm coming late to your blog; sorry about posting on an old topic, but INCA KOLA!? Wow, I had that in Peru on a trip with the luckiest of my seven daughters, and it's the national drink, along with whisky/lemon laden Pisco Sour, which I shunned, being the good Mormon girl that I am. That Inca Kola was served to us at some hacienda or another as a special treat. Here we are enjoying it in a certain quirky way. Love your blog. Thanks for posting on my litttle Hollywood Flake's blog as well,
All the best, The Editor