Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I have to admit that I have not had much success with plant
seeds and making them grow and prosper
(except that silly faith lesson with a pumpkin seed),
but somehow, SOMEWAY the plant gods took pity on me and
let me have just a little sweet taste of success.

My niece L~ gave me a window greenhouse for my birthday this year
and when I opened it I was so happy to see that it came
with some seed packets of some of my favorite herbs.

I love cooking with herbs, or tossing them into my salad greens WHAT HAVE YOU...
I love them so much that they have become the center point to my flower pots.
I like to mix the herbs with the flowers, it makes for a handsome pot.

I have some herbs that will come back year after year as long as I remember to leave them in the pots and not pull them out with the dead things, such as Oregano, Chives and Thyme. My Rosemary plant was so small last year that we ended up gobbling it up before it could grow into a mature plant (my bad).

ANYHOO, back to my story....so I was excited to see that in my window greenhouse I had Basil seeds and Italian Parsley seeds and Oregano seeds.
I promptly planted the basil and parsley since I had oregano growing outside already.

I watered the seeds, put the greenhouse into the sun and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited some more feeling like I was doomed to a life of plant starts from the nursery. Until one day...


I couldn't believe my eyes. Maybe my luck had changed. Out of 6 tiny little pots, three of them were showing signs of plant life. Yummy, YUMMY plant life. Now I just had to wait figure out exactly which of the two kind of herbs they were.

I showed my 'success' to anyone who passed through my threshold. "Come see the new additions to the family" I would say proudly.

After a week or two I realized that my precious newbies were going to grow up to be basil.

Ahhhhh basil.

How I love to shred thee into a salad, or pulse you into a pesto like no other, steep your tender leaves into a simple syrup in which to make lemonade.
The countless things I can do with you to enhance my culinary life
excite me so.

I was so successful with that first planting that after I transplanted the sweet baby basil into it's adolescent home I started a whole new batch of seeds to grow.

Success graced me once again.
I now have basil in two different stages of life in one holding area. Kind of like preschool and 8th grade all in one class. I'm not sure how the preschoolers of the basil world will survive, but I am willing to sacrifice them for the good of the more established basil 8th grader.

It's getting to be that time of year for me to start introducing the basil to the outside world. Gently at first, building up to that time when I leave it outside the comforts of it's first home to face what the world has to offer.
Some good, some bad.

The feeling this evokes reminds me of readying my firstborn child for his emergence into the cold, harsh world. Except that I want to eat my basil and I DON'T want to eat my firstborn. At least not
right now, he's kind of stinky.

I have given some of my baby basil to LO and Daredevil Mom. I am anxious to hear how their experience is with the new additions to their households.

Here is my basil as it was today.

Doesn't it look gooooood.

Just in case you were wondering,
the other herb was Italian Parsley but it decided not to make an appearance.

I'll just chalk that one up to shy seeds.

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