Sunday, April 20, 2008


After warning my son time and time again
not to take a long, hot shower on Sunday mornings,
I told him this morning:

"I better not have a cold shower today or your butt's on the line"

he responded back to me (with an impish grin, mind you):

"My butt already has a line."



Geo said...

Who taught him to be funny like that?

(You're pretty funny. Was it you?)

The Daredevil Mom said...


Oh, that's classic. Don't tell him I laughed. It would only encourage him. :)

pflower10 said...

GEO- Well, he is definitely sassy. That's for sure!

DM- He needs no encouragement, all he needs is a crowd.

Kim & Mike said...

That's funny Ange! What happened to the sweet little five year old that I used to know...j/k. Tell him I said Hi!

pflower10 said...

Kim - That sweet 5 yr old is still there, just buried under a whole lot of sass!

Julie said...

That is AWESOME! He is quick on the draw, just like his mom.

Kim & Mike said...

Angie whats up? I keep checking your blog to see what is new with you? :P)

Tales of a Saxy Ballerina said...

HAHAHhahahah!! I wish I was that quick. Sometimes I am. Like that one time when I was fighting with Kelsey over something in the past, and my mom told me to stop beating a dead horse. I quickly replied: "But when they're dead, they're so much easier to beat!!"

Yeah. I have my moments.