Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today was finally the glorious day that my family and I were to wake up to a brand new day in Utah and lay down our weary heads in Maui. We were so excited to try to tie up those last minute details that always seem to come up when going on an extended vacation. We were beside ourselves when the time came to back out of the driveway and drive down the street knowing that we were not to see our beloved home for a fortnight. We couldn't believe our luck as we pulled onto good ole I-15 leading us on the pathway towards the SLC International Airport. We could hardly contain ourselves as we pulled up to the curb in front of the good men and women that wear the badge of SKY CAP, without whom our luggage would just never know where to go or what to do. Our luggage was swiftly tagged and about to depart from our presence when out of nowhere we were hit with the news that sends chills down the spines of fun lovers and business people alike.....

" The first leg of your flight plans have been canceled" the poor skycap squeaked out.

".................." I blankly stared at this sky cap.

"Ummmm...let me go in and find out what's going on for you. I'll be right back."

I could tell that my silence was a little unnerving to him. I tried to say SOMETHING, ANYTHING to ease his sorrow at my seemingly failed flight plans but nothing would come out of my shocked mouth.

"Why don't you come inside with me and talk to the ticket agent to see what can be done for you today, OKAY?????" he calmly suggested.

"Uh....Okay." I stated with authority.

As it turned out my flight from SLC to LA was canceled due to mechanical problems in the aircraft. I guessed I could let that one fly. However we then had to deal with the problem of actually getting us from point A to point C. It seems the other passengers on this particular flight were already re-booked onto other flights which made our traveling group of 5 harder to accommodate.

"I could put you through Phoenix that connects into LAX and from there you could TRY to catch your LA to Maui flight."

"UHHHH.....No, I don't think that would do. You see I have 3 small children that I am traveling with and I just don't think I could TRY to do that." I explained

"I see..I see." He typed with the speed of angels to try this way and that way to somehow get us to LA on time for our Maui flight. I suggested a game plan that actually sounded better to me.

"I can get you on a non-stop flight to Honolulu tomorrow afternoon and then you can take a puddle jumper over to Maui. It will give you time to make your flight and maybe you could take in a little airport sight seeing as well."

We have a winner folks. What was once a massive inconvenience turned out to be a better plan, in my eyes at least, then the original flight itinerary. Non-stop out of SLC to Honolulu was acceptable.

As we were leaving airport grounds we were trying to think of things that we could do that would help us not feel so bad about not leaving for paradise this day. And we all thought what better cure is there for a day like today than a pedicure.

Now who could possibly say that they have prettier toes then my darling little lady #3???


sue-donym said...

Have a fabulous time! I'm so glad things worked out for you. Bring me back some chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Geo said...

Way to be adaptable! Hope it's wonderful form here on out. Nothing like starting off with pretty feet.

Hollywood said...

I'm so glad they are able to get you on a Non Stop! That pedicure picture is FANTASTIC! My little Penny would love that kind of thing. I've never had a pedicure myself, but I'm feeling a little mommy-daughter date coming on after seeing that pic...

compulsive writer said...

Yikes! You sure know how to find sunshine in a rainy situation. And way to hold out for the BEST plan.

Hope you are having fun!