Saturday, June 02, 2007


Last week I went to Sears with Hubbs, Child #2 and Child #3 in the hopes of coming home with a brand spankin' new SHOP VAC. Little did we know what was in store for us.......

After we had made our decision on which shop vac to buy we followed our lovely sears associate up to the checkout counter to complete our transaction. Now, I have to say that child #3 was quite lively this particular afternoon and was running around playing hide and seek with the card board cut out of Bob Villa. She was having a great time, well at least till we met this scary lady (SL).

#3 was hiding around a display from us and chewing on a hand pump that we had brought in to the store with us when one of the cashier's was talking to #3 to make sure that she wasn't chewing on a store item (my assumption) when SL decided to take it upon herself to extract whatever it was #3 was holding onto with her kung fu grip and not giving up to anyone. SL held out her hand and said to #3
"Give it to gramma"
#3 held out and didn't give it up. Once more SL insisted
"Give it to gramma"
#3 was standing her ground while SL was getting more and more agitated by #3's defiance. Although you can't call all of it defiance since neither one of #3's "gramma's" call themselves
Finally SL just wun't having anymore of this and said in her hard living gravelly voice
At this point after watching this go down I walk over to let SL know that I'm in charge and that she can back off all the while maintaining my composure (after all #2 was watching me) when I look at #3's face to see her reaction to this crazy SL. She had a look on her face as if to say "Excuse me , I don't know who you are and you're not getting my toy so take a hike?"
I say "Give it to mommy" and as I hold out my hand to accept the offering and as #3 is handing the pump to me SL grabs it
"Here, I'll take that " I say sweetly to the cranky ole' bat.
SL wouldn't give it to me. She set it on the display next to her, away from me, mumbled something while she turned back to the checkout counter and continued to argue with the salespeople why the sale price in the ad didn't start till the next day when she got it in the mail that day.
I know it was immature of me but I took the pump and made darn sure SL saw me give it back to #3. After all who the heck did she think she was???
She certainly wasn't grammmmmmaaaa like she had self appointed herself to be. Wherever she is I'm sure she is still mumbling about one thing or another.


b. said...

I read this at work. The picture drew a crowd. The story drew lots of laughter!!
That's a scream!
I found some pictures last night that made me think of you...

Emily said...

What a horrible lady. You were too nice to her.

This is me said...

Okay, I found you through CJane's blog and I have to say that is so scary! I was TERRIFIED of old people when I was a kid and this incident would have sent me straight into a heart attack. With all the "stranger danger" in the world, I can't believe people do this sort of thing.

I'm also glad you gave the pump back to your child and made sure the old lady saw it. That is classic!

Melody said...

You go, girl! I am thrilled that #3 held her ground . . .

And I tagged you, if you want to play. Visit my blog when you have a minute.

Hope you're having a fun (gramma-less) summer.

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sue-donym said...

I hate Sears.

Sarah said...

This is the kind of thing that scars kids. Glad you gave the pump back! By the way - I hope you don't mind, but I'm linking you up to my blog...

Tales of a Saxy Ballerina said...

EW!! sounds like some extremely CL to me(creepy lady)